Locks can be fixed when they are stuck or partially broken. ASAP Locksmith here to provide you any locksmith service, if you need lock repair service in Los Angeles, you arrived to the right place!

Repair broken locks is depends on the lock condition, If a necessary part of the lock is broken, it will probably not be repaired, but don’t worry, we here to provide solutions also for such situations. Our locksmith will assess the locks and then will suggest what the best to do with the lock. If the locks if not repairable our locksmith will assist you with finding the best lock for you to fit your need in minimum cost.

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We at ASAP Locksmith make sure we provide you with the best skilled locksmiths any time.

How long it takes to repair a Lock?

The work duration of the lock repair can vary according to the locks because every lock is different from the other, it takes for a skilled locksmith around 20 to 30 minutes to repair any lock, but, If the damage is severe it may take a longer.
The mechanisms on the locks is always different and all of them need different solutions. Our work is very solution oriented and easy for you to get the job done.

Types of Locks that can be repaired by ASAP Locksmith:

  • Garage Door Locks
  • Entry Door Locks / Any Other Door
  • Gate Locks
  • Keyless Locks
  • Mailbox Locks
  • Ourdoor Locks
  • Window Locks

When change the lock is better than repair:

You should change the lock when you are not sure if the lock is good enough to keep you safe, because your protection should always be the first priority. We provide you different locks which can be installed easily within incomparable time period.

Lock Repair

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What to do if key will not turn in lock?

If your key is no longer turning inside the lock it means your lock is stuck, here are few steps you can try: 1. Try to clean the lock cylinder internals with air blower. 2. Check if lubricating the key helps, it helps the lock often to work in the proper way as it should. 3. Try to play with the key inside the lock, pull it out and push back in quickly few time, try to turn harder few times. 4. Check that the key may be bent or maybe small part from the cut has been break. If all this doesn’t help, it’s time to change the lock for better because the probability of lock malfunctioning is high in this situation.
When your locks are not working up to their potential it is time for them to be repaired or get a new one. Old locks can tend to be problematic and can cause issues that will get you in unpleasant situations.