Are you moving to a new home and you want to introduce your own locking system? You may also want to upgrade your locks to work with insurance standards or need to replace the locks due to the cause of damage. No matter what your reason will be, ASAP Locksmith here to provide 24 hours lock change services in Los Angeles.
We care for our clients, that’s why we make sure our professionals are doing the job perfect with an unrivalled price and efficient speed to give you an instant relief. In our lock changing service we will pick for you the best lock that fit your needs perfectly. The whole process from the choosing lock to its installation and fittings, everything is done in a very systematic way.
In addition to the locks change service, some other services we offer for locks is to rekey the locks, key restore, cut keys with laser, fix jammed lock, extract broken key from inside the lock and more.

Every person needs to protect what’s important. Every lock’s first function is to keep your premises safe.

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Lock Change Procedure

The process of Installing a new lock and replace it with old lock is divided into 4 parts: 1. dismantling the old lock, 2. choosing the new lock by client’s needs, 3. adjusting the place to the new lock and 4. installing the new lock. Every lock before installation is checked thoroughly for further issues if they occur making it highly reliable to use.

Duration of the work / How long it takes to replace lock?

From the moment you call, it takes us 15-30 minutes to come to your location in Los Angeles, the approximate time for changing the locks is 20-30 minutes. We’ll finish the job up to 1 hour after you call.
Sometimes it takes less time but then it all depends on the previous lock which you were using. Our professionals also make sure that the doors are not damaged during this process, we highly care for the way we work and leave the place clean when we done, and assure you that your doors will be dealt with utmost care.

How much does a lock change cost? The cheapest way to change locks

The locks replacement price is the sum of service call ($15 – $25), The price of the lock cost depends on the lock selected ($20 – $80) and the work itself ($35 – $80). The total price of change single lock is between $70 to $185.

We can perform all kinds of lock change

At ASAP Locksmith we learned over the years to change and install every kind of lock, from change house locks to change car locks and more!, our professionals equipped with all locksmith tools that required to make it done at any time.
We can replace locks for:

  • Entry Door Lock
  • Garage Door Lock
  • Mailbox Lock
  • File Cabinet Lock
  • Gates Locks
  • Commercial Doors Locks
  • Car Door Lock / Car Ignition switch
  • Keyless Locks and Keypad Locks
  • Windows Locks
  • Lever handle
  • And more!
Locks Change

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FREE TIPS for caring of your locks:

The best way to know when you need to change the lock is to pay attention to how your door and locks are working and their condition, if it is difficult to put the key inside, or the opening rotation is not smooth. As a homeowner you should always notice how well the doors and locks are working and if you are not satisfied with them get them changed instantly to help you not get any bad situation. Take extra care if you think that the locks are not working properly and call us, we will help you out in no time. Changing the locks according to your specified need, the new locks will be smooth and easy to use.