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Which lock should you get for your home security system?

Home Security System Los AngelesA good door lock is essential for the security of your home. There are a variety of locks available on the market that can upgrade your home’s security.
• Pin tumbler locks are the common locks used in homes. These are the standard locks that use keys with unique ridges on them that, when inserted fastening cylinders, lock the door to its frame. There is another lock that is quite popular and that is the lever tumbler lock. In this kind of lock there are a series of levers in place that keep the door locked. The key of this lock lift the tumbler which in turn moves the levers so that the door can open. This is the basic description of these locks but they do come in varying degrees of complexity. There are more complex and solid types of both locks which offer better home security. If you have one of these on your doors, then don’t think that it is a weak or unsafe lock. It all depends on the types of locks and the degrees of safety that are related to them.

Electronic options
• If you to upgrade you home security to the next level, you can look at some electronic solution that are very secure and effective. Keypad if one such option. With the touch of a few buttons, a complex system of locks is set and released in a keypad security system. With a keypad, a potential criminal has to know the passkey you set to enter because cannot just bust open the door or jimmy the lock. You can also link all the door of your home to the main alarm so you would know immediately if someone was tampering with one of the doors. An alarm would be sounded, scaring away the criminal or alerting the police and security company to your house before damage is done.
• A second electronic solution you can look at is the fab system. With the fab system, you have an electronic pad that is mounted right next to your door. This pad controls a set of heavy locks that link the door to its frame. You are also given a fab key. When this fab key is held next to the electronic, they sync up and the door opens. You can choose the size of your fab key according to your preference. It can large like an id card or as small as the tip of man’s thumb. This lock system, like the keypad, is also electronic. This means it can also be easily connected to your home’s main alarm system and will set off an alarm in case of any tampering.

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