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Why invest in advance for security

The basic nature of human beings has not changed over the thousands of years we have thread on Earth, and when prehistoric Man rolled back a large boulder, covering the mouth of his cave, the kings of yore built moats around their castles to protect themselves from their enemies, and today we spend billions of […]

Preventing a lockout can never be so simple

In our life, we encounter many of such situation that where we find ourselves quite helpless and hopeless but what’s more frustrating is the situation where you find yourself locked out of your automobile, home, or office. However, before you get panic and upset of this happened lockout event, we have come to rescue you […]

Lock Bumping and How to Prevent It

Lock bumping is a lock-picking technique used in opening a pin-tumbler lock using a 999 key, a bump key or rapping key. For lock bumping to work though, the bump key must correspond with the target lock. Facts According to statistics released by the Department of Justice, two-third of cases of burglary occurs without forced […]

The best locks of 2017

Keys were used long ago for safety protecting purposes. It’s used even now but the trend itself has changed by providing us with locks that can be access with your smartphones. As for keys are not nothing but a 20th century fame! However there are several best locks of 2017 that are easily installed and […]

What does a locksmith offer?

A locksmith can be seen as just a person who fixes locks. Whilst that is relatively true, it’s not entirely what they do. They can offer a lot of services to make your home safe, secure and overall a better place to be for you and your loved ones so you are not in danger […]

Change Lock

Under certain circumstances, you need to change lock. When you put into consideration the people and properties that your locks are protecting, it’s never a bad idea to change locks, it’s only preferable to purchase quality locking hardware. Setting up adequate locks in place is a strong layer of security designed to make it hard […]

Windows and Security | Locksmith Los Angeles

Windows and Security As the time has evolved security has become one of the major concerns for people residing particularly in the urban areas. With the urban cities and spaces being more accessible, it also brings along its own risks. This is not only true for homes; this also applies to shops, malls, restaurants and […]

Unlock Your Doors

Unlock Your Doors Isn’t it just the most frustrating thing in the world to come home after a long day of work and reach into your pocket for the keys to your entrance, only to find that the pocket is empty? That’s when the realization hits you: you’ve lost your keys. In that moment, after […]

Type of Locks

When it comes to safety, knowing about the different kinds of locks out there becomes important. Due to the vast variety of locks we’ll look at the ones you’ll encounter the most and hence you can tweak your security accordingly. Padlocks These are the most common and easy to recognize locks. Their most convenient feature […]

Home Security

Which lock should you get for your home security system? A good door lock is essential for the security of your home. There are a variety of locks available on the market that can upgrade your home’s security. • Pin tumbler locks are the common locks used in homes. These are the standard locks that […]